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The Forssa region is an experienced partner in the circular economy and a pioneer in sustainability. In our region, green thinking is already in action, in productive business and in innovation. There are several renewable energy projects and biofuel plants in the region. Forssa is home to Finland's environmental business area. From side streams collected, it is possible to separate the parts suitable for reuse and recycling, and to produce renewable energy. Biogas produced in the area is available for industrial use.

Companies can also build their own renewable energy power plant at Ratasmäki. The municipalities in the region encourage companies to adopt sustainable and innovative energy solutions. The wind farms in the Forssa region have a capacity of eight turbines with a rated output of 30 MW. An equal amount of additional wind power is under construction in the region. The water supply in the region is secured in a variety of ways and waste water is managed sustainably at the plants.

Frush, Finland's largest annual circular economy event, is held annually in Forssa.


The potential of the bio- and
circular economies

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